Learn about the benefits of switching to Total Wireless, a larger and more dependable network.

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How Total Wireless Always Keeps You Connected

Stay in contact with our dependable, nationwide coverage.

We rely on network coverage more than we realize. Whether we’re at home or exploring the city limits, we trust the network to keep our apps running and our contacts available at a moment...

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How To Transfer Your Current Phone Number To Total Wireless

When you move to America’s largest, most dependable 4G LTE network, you can hold onto your existing phone number.

At Total Wireless, we understand the importance of keeping your phone number when you advance to something better. That’s why we...

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A Beginner’s Guide To The Total Wireless My Account App

Track data usage, refill your service plan, and manage your account when and where it’s convenient for you.

With the latest phones on the market, the best deals in wireless, and the nation’s largest, most dependable 4G LTE network, Total Wire...

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Total Wireless Can Help You Keep In Touch This Holiday Season

Eager to catch up with friends and family over the holidays? With Total Wireless and international calling, you got this.

There’s no better time than the holiday season to catch up with friends and family who live far away. And while it’s eas...

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Take Advantage Of Auto-Refill

With Total Wireless Auto-Refill, we’ll keep your service active, so you don’t have to.

Life can get hectic, but with Total Wireless, you've got this. We work to provide a smooth, simple mobile experience that gives you the confidence to do mo...

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Exploring Major Mobile Networks (And How They Differ)

The changing mobile tech industry is hard to keep up with, but you got this with Total Wireless.

GSM, 4G LTE, CDMA – there’s a good chance that you’ve seen at least one or two of these terms before. However, you may not know they impact you...

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Using A Mobile Hotspot

Discover all the advantages of using a mobile hotspot.

To some, a mobile hotspot might seem unnecessary. But in reality, these devices – which allow users to connect to the Internet when no wired or Wi-Fi connection is available – are handy t...