Can A Smartphone Replace Your Computer?

Laptop, cell phone, coffee, and headphones on desk.
Smartphones can basically do everything. Does that mean it’s time to say goodbye to computers?

Smartphones have replaced a lot of things in our lives. For example, you don’t need a GPS device, because your cell phone can do it. You don’t need a landline, because you can call, text, and even video chat with your cell. And you don’t need a camera, because your smartphone already has one.

So what’s next? Some people think it might be the computer. Depending on your usage, it’s very possible that your Total Wireless smartphone can do all the same things your laptop can.

Smartphones vs. computers

There used to be things you could only do on a computer. But now, you can do most of them on your phone, too. In some cases, the phone can even do it better. Because not only are phones more portable than a laptop, they also have apps for just about everything you could possibly want or need.

Think about it. With a cell phone, you can send emails, go on social media, listen to music, pay bills, shop online, browse the web, watch shows and movies, read books, play games, track your exercise, take pictures, set alarms and calendar reminders, and so much more. Some might say you need a computer to type and print documents, but you can do that from a smartphone, too.

Computers have bigger screens and keyboards and can run several programs at once.

Now, it might be easier to do certain things from a computer. After all, computers have bigger screens and keyboards and can run several programs at once. But even so, you can still do many of them from a phone if you wanted.

What smartphones can’t do

So, is there anything your smartphone can’t do? Of course. There are many reasons why you still might want to keep your computer around. If you’re really into programming and PC gaming, for instance, a computer is probably your best bet. And while some software applications, like Photoshop, offer abbreviated versions for smartphones, you might want to stick to a computer for serious photo and video editing as well as other work-related needs.

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