Easy Ways to Check and Improve Your Smartphone’s Speed

Have you noticed a slowdown in your phone’s performance? Here’s how to fix it.

If your phone seems to lag when switching from app to app, you may have found yourself asking, “How can I speed up my phone?” There are several factors that can affect a device’s performance, so before you start deleting apps and files, it can be beneficial to conduct a phone speed test.

Woman uses phone

Phone speed test

To fully understand your phone’s performance, measure the performance of your device. Using an app, like AnTuTu Benchmark, lets you test the CPU and GPU, plus conduct memory and battery tests. After the test is complete, you’ll have hard numbers that you can use to compare with the manufacturer’s specifications and similar phones to see how your phone is holding up.

Speed booster apps

These apps help eliminate unnecessary data to improve battery life and performance.

Over time, your phone is likely to acquire a good deal of junk. That’s where a phone speed booster app can come in handy. These apps help eliminate unnecessary data to improve battery life, boost performance and ultimately speed up phones. In most cases, phone speed booster apps clear background apps, cache and memory. They might also include a task killer, letting you quickly terminate applications and processes to put an end to programs running in the background.

Soft Reset

If your device is still a bit sluggish even after using a speed booster app, try doing a soft reset. This helps clear up your RAM and any apps hanging around in the background. Unlike a factory reset, the soft-reset process shouldn’t erase your files. Instead, it allows your device to turn off completely before booting back up to give your RAM a fresh start. Check with your phone manufacturer before doing a soft reset, as the processes vary.

Free up storage

Your phone is only made to store so much. So if you’re nearing the end of your onboard data allowance, there’s a good chance that the photos, videos, games and apps stored on your device are causing the slowdown. If you find that this is the case, it might be time to invest in a cloud-based service. That way, you can still access your files while freeing up storage space on your phone.

New phone time

Sometimes, phones slow down due to factors beyond your control. If you’re at wit’s end with your current device, consider purchasing a new phone from Total Wireless. We offer the latest devices from top brands, including Apple and Samsung. With a new phone from Total Wireless, you’ll also enjoy nationwide coverage on America’s largest, most dependable 4G LTE network. Check out our no-contract service plans to get started. You got this.