Everything You Need To Know About Dual Cameras

Dual cameras are becoming the norm – what makes them so appealing?

If you have a new smartphone from Total Wireless, chances are it features a dual-camera system. But what is a dual camera? By now, this feature is widely available on many devices – effectively replacing the previous single-lens cameras with dual lenses. For people who love taking photos with their phones, the addition of the second lens has been a game changer. Let’s explore what makes dual-camera systems so awesome.

Person taking a photo with a smartphone

Dual-camera benefits

Phone cameras have gotten pretty high-tech over the years to the point where the average person can take professional-quality photos. This is because of a variety of factors, including sensors, pixel size, processors, and, of course, the dual-camera system. Having two cameras helps create sharper, brighter images that capture more detail. It also equips the camera with more effects and features than it would otherwise be able to support.

For example, a dual-camera system often has better zoom functionality and can take better wide-angle shots. It also offers a more advanced depth of field ability, which allows you to better focus on the subject and make the photo pop. Essentially, dual-camera phones help push your creativity to new limits and capture special moments.

A closer look at dual cameras

To help you understand just what the dual-camera system is capable of, it helps to see it in action. The Apple iPhone Xs is equipped with dual 12MP rear cameras. They, combined with the power of the phone’s Neural Engine and ISP, give you more control over each photo you take. You can play with depth, lighting, and creative effects more than you’d ever be able to with a single camera.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 also has dual 12MP cameras that provide enhanced Live Focus, optimized color, and 2x optical zoom. Plus, the camera features dual OIS to stabilize each shot and prevent blurriness. And if there is a little blur or a smudge, the camera’s Flaw Detection feature identifies the issue and lets you know so you can try again.

Up your photography game

You'll be impressing friends and family with your shots in no time.

In the past, taking great photos with a smartphone was challenging. But with the dual-camera system, you'll be impressing friends and family with your shots in no time. Make the move to Total Wireless to get the phones you love for a price you'll love even more. When you do, you'll move to the nation's largest, most dependable 4G LTE network and the best deal in wireless. So move to something better… you got this.