Using A Mobile Hotspot

Discover all the advantages of using a mobile hotspot.

To some, a mobile hotspot might seem unnecessary. But in reality, these devices – which allow users to connect to the Internet when no wired or Wi-Fi connection is available – are handy tools that can prove indispensable for a number of reasons. Here, we’ll explore how a mobile hotspot works and why you might need one.

Quick answer: For smartphone users who are always on the go, mobile hotspots are a great way to stay connected. Mobile hotspots access cellular data networks, which allow users to easily connect to the Internet.

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The rundown

Mobile hotspots are relatively simple. Like smartphones, these battery-powered devices access cellular data networks, which allows you to browse the Web without a traditional at-home Internet connection. The difference between a mobile hotspot and a smartphone, however, is that mobile hotspots require you to tether a device in order to use the connection. While some hotspots can only accommodate a single device, many boast multi-device compatibility, letting you connect your laptop, tablet, and phone all at once.

One concern that often causes hesitation among potential mobile hotspot customers is that many smartphones come equipped with mobile hotspot features. This lets you tether your devices to your phone in order to access the same data network it uses. But it’s important to bear in mind that most data plans have limits, and tethering a computer to your phone’s hotspot can take a heavy toll, not only on your phone’s battery, but its overall data consumption, too. Mobile hotspot data, on the other hand, is typically available outside of your standard mobile phone plan, which lets you save this data for when you need it most.

Why you should use one

By tethering a computer, tablet, or another device to the hotspot, you can easily continue browsing the Internet.

Mobile hotspots are perfect for active Web users who are always on the move. Whether you find yourself on a lengthy bus ride or stuck in a hotel with costly Wi-Fi access fees, mobile hotspots make it easy to connect to the Internet. By simply tethering a computer, tablet, or another device to the hotspot, you’re afforded the opportunity to work and browse as needed by delving into a reservoir of data strictly reserved for your hotspot.

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