When It Comes To Managing Your Data, We Got Your Back

Discover how to monitor and control your monthly data usage.

With Total Wireless, you can keep tabs on your data usage and optimize your phone time. As you near the end of your service plan, give some of these tips a try.

Controlling your data usage

Your data balance isn’t the same as your call/text balance. Data is the fuel that powers your apps and lets you access the web. Connecting to Wi-Fi lets you conserve your high-speed 4G LTE† data for the times you want it most. Just make sure the Wi-Fi network is secure and trustworthy.

You can also set data limits and restrictions on your device. It’s different for every phone, but generally can be done from your settings. For example, on Samsung phones you can navigate to Apps > Settings > Connections > Data Usage. From there, you can turn mobile data on or off, set or remove limits, and create alerts for data usage. You can also monitor how much data individual apps are using. Apps for social media, streaming services, cloud storage, games, and maps used a lot of data! But once you know what is using the most data you can be in control of your phones usage.

Checking your data usage

As a Total Wireless user, you can check your data balance anytime, anywhere. The first way is to log into the My Account app. Your data usage should be displayed right on your dashboard. Discover the Total Wireless App and download it to your device now: Android, iPhone.

The second way to check your data is to text the word BALANCE to 611611. Finally, you can also log into My Account from a computer or laptop.

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No matter how much data you need, Total Wireless has you covered.

No matter how much data you need, Total Wireless has you covered. We have several 30-day single and shared family plans to choose from, starting as low as $23.70/month. Get the best deals and the latest phones, all for a price you wouldn’t expect. Make the move to something better today.

†See terms and conditions of TotalWireless.com