You Don't Want To Miss These Mobile Payment Apps

Who needs cash and cards when mobile payment apps make sharing a bill or shopping so easy?

Everyone wants to pay their share after a night out, but asking the restaurant to run multiple cards can be tricky. Enter the mobile payment app. These apps make it easy to share expenses, as well as shop, manage your money, and a whole lot more. There’s no doubt that finances can be hard to navigate, but you got this with Total Wireless.

They make it easy to send, receive, and share money.

Ready to try mobile payments? You'll get started by creating an account with the mobile payment app. The person on the other end of your transaction will also need to have an account, so it's a good idea to talk about which apps you like best with your family and friends. Next, you'll link your account to a form of payment. Next, simply confirm your details, provide any necessary additional info, and you're ready to make seamless mobile payments!

Top Mobile Payment Apps

So where do you start? The Total Wireless team has a few suggestions for apps that are easy to use, flexible, and safe. They include:

Venmo (iOS |Android)

What is Venmo? If you ask most users, it's an incredibly simple way to send money between friends. You might even have someone ask you to “Venmo” them – it’s that popular! That's because Venmo lets users:

  • Split bills and other expenses with friends

  • Add money to the app directly

  • Make purchases in mobile apps and on the mobile web

  • Message friends

  • Send money from the app to your bank account

  • Help you manage your expenses by tracking where and when you spend money.

All transactions are encrypted, and there's no charge for payments made via bank account, debit card, or prepaid card – although you can expect a 3% fee for credit cards.

PayPal (iOS |Android)

If you shop online, there's a good chance you're familiar with PayPal – all the more reason to try the PayPal app. Just like Venmo, it lets you send and receive money, as well as:

  • Connect the app to your bank account, PayPal Cash, or PayPal Cash Plus balance

  • Create Money Pools that allow multiple users to contribute to group payments, vacation funds, and more

  • Monitor all transactions

  • Manage credit

  • Set savings goals

You can even use the app to donate to charity. Simply grab your Total Wireless phone, search PayPal-approved charities, and contribute with just a tap.

Google Pay (iOS |Android)

When you depend on Google for just about everything, Google Pay is a logical choice. This versatile app allows you to:

  • Pay online, as well as at select transit agencies

  • Manage payments in the app or on the web

  • “Tap & pay” with your device at an in-store checkout

  • Send and receive money

  • Link your account to loyalty rewards programs from your favorite stores

If you're concerned about security, this app can set your mind at ease thanks to advanced encryption. When you make a purchase, the vendor receives a unique code rather than your card number.

Apple Pay (iOS)

For iPhone users, Apple Pay offers a simple, intuitive way to use mobile payments. For set-up, visit the “Wallet & Apple Pay” section of your settings, then:

  • Make purchases in stores, on the web, and in apps

  • Send payments in Messages, or ask Siri to help

  • Keep your cards with your important documents in Apple Wallet

  • Use Face ID and Touch ID to authorize in-store purchases

  • Use public transit in select cities

To keep your finances secure, your card numbers are never stored on your device or on Apple's servers or shared with merchants, and transaction data won't be linked directly to your card. Apple Pay also eliminates the need to create accounts and fill out forms when shopping online to save time and effort.

Manage Money With Total Confidence

There's no need to reach for your wallet when you can pay easily with your phone. These apps offer the flexibility and security needed to let you manage purchases and share expenses without the hassle. That means you'll be able to focus on staying connected with friends and family rather than calculating everyone's portion of the bill.

If your wireless carrier doesn't give you that same sense of confidence, it's time to move to something better with Total Wireless. The best deal in wireless brings you the latest phones including Apple and Samsung, plus service plans on the nation's largest, most dependable 4G LTE† network. Ready to learn more? With Total Wireless, you got this.

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