Why Smartphones Make Powerful Teaching Tools

We’re all for teaching with technology, and here’s why.

Today, kids are using smartphones for a lot more than just playing games and talking to their friends. They’re using them to learn. Smartphones can be incredible tools for students, ...

Family gathered at a table using various devices.

Father’s Day Ideas for Tech-Loving Dads

You got this. Shop today at Total Wireless.

This Father’s Day, get dad something he’ll truly love. If he considers himself a techie and always keeps up to date with the latest gadgets, then Total Wireless has just the thing. Not only can yo...

When It Comes To Managing Your Data, We Got Your Back

Discover how to monitor and control your monthly data usage.

With Total Wireless, you can keep tabs on your data usage and optimize your phone time. As you near the end of your service plan, give some of these tips a try.

Controlling your data...
Mother and daughter smiling at phone

Using FaceTime And Group Video Chat

Catch up with all your family and friends via Group FaceTime.

By now, you’re probably familiar with FaceTime video chatting. It’s like a phone call, but with video. But have you ever tried Group FaceTime? This relatively recent feature allo...

Laptop, cell phone, coffee, and headphones on desk.

Can A Smartphone Replace Your Computer?

Smartphones can basically do everything. Does that mean it’s time to say goodbye to computers?

Smartphones have replaced a lot of things in our lives. For example, you don’t need a GPS device, because your cell phone can do it. You don’t ...