Woman holding new iPhone 8

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose The iPhone 8

Upgrade to an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus for an enhanced smartphone experience.

Featuring major upgrades from the Apple iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus stand out with all-new glass designs and breathtaking Retina HD displays with True Tone. Here are fi...

Couple looking at a phone on a bridge

How Going Contract-Free Changed These Customers' Lives

See what Total Wireless customers have to say about their mobile experience.

Total Wireless customers rave about our prices, network coverage and reliability, and no-contract service plans. But rather than taking our word for it, here’s what ou...

Mom and son looking at phone in the car

Using A Mobile Hotspot

Discover all the advantages of using a mobile hotspot.

To some, a mobile hotspot might seem unnecessary. But in reality, these devices – which allow users to connect to the Internet when no wired or Wi-Fi connection is available – are handy t...

Woman smiling, sipping coffee and checking phone

Top Reasons Why A No-Contract Network Is The Best Network

Thinking about terminating your contract with your existing wireless carrier? Make the switch to a no-contract network.

So you’re ready to cut all ties with your current wireless carrier, but you’re not sure where to go to next for mobile ser...

Friends taking a selfie over pizza

Three Tips For Taking The Perfect Selfie

It’s all about having fun in the moment.

Since the debut of the smartphone, the selfie – a self-shot photo of oneself – has surged in popularity thanks to the presence of ever-improving mobile camera technologies. Unfortunately, all the tec...