Secure Web Browsing Tips For Smartphones

Learn what you can do to protect yourself when surfing the web on your phone.

When you’re browsing the web on your Total Wireless smartphone, you can feel good knowing that, for the most part, your information is protected. In 2019, web security is a top priority for many websites and apps. Software updates are always coming out to help enhance security even more. Even so, there are still risks out there. But you got this. Here are some steps you can take to protect you and your family on the web.

Person using smartphone

Create strong passwords

The stronger your passwords are, the less likely it is that someone can get into your accounts. Here are some suggestions for making your passwords as strong as possible:

  • Use a unique password for every account/website
  • Use at least eight characters
  • Include a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols
  • Avoid personal information (name, initials, birth date, child’s name, etc.)
  • Don’t use common words, phrases, or patterns (example: password123)
Avoid spam links

Always be mindful of what you're clicking on as you browse.

You don’t want to click on any spammy links. If you find suspicious emails in your inbox, delete them right away. Don’t open any attachments and don’t click on any links that don't lead to a trusted source. The same is true for messaging apps, social media, and the web. Spam links may contain malware that can violate your privacy and harm your smartphone and its software. They are also often the work of spammers trying to snatch your money or personal information. Always be mindful of what you're clicking on as you browse to steer clear of these hazards.

Never give away personal information

Always be wary of any website that asks you for personal information, especially if you’re making a purchase. Before entering your credit card information, make sure the web address has a lock symbol next to it and that it starts with https. The ‘s’ stands for secure.

You might also encounter other types of websites that try to get your information. For example, if you’re trying to find out your zodiac sign or want to download something, and the website wants to know your name, email, and address, you may want to close out of there. If it doesn’t make sense for them to need that personal information, don’t give it to them.

Browse with total confidence

Protecting yourself and your loved ones online can be hard. But with Total Wireless, you got this. Move to the nation's largest, most dependable 4G LTE network for reliable coverage and the total confidence you need to stay safe online. Browse service plans and the latest phones from brands like Apple and Samsung to get the best deal in wireless.