Three Tips For Taking The Perfect Selfie

It’s all about having fun in the moment.

Since the debut of the smartphone, the selfie – a self-shot photo of oneself – has surged in popularity thanks to the presence of ever-improving mobile camera technologies. Unfortunately, all the technology in the world can’t make up for unappealing photo composition. Follow these essential tips to make sure each and every selfie is perfect, whether you’re sending it to a close friend or posting it on social media for all to see.

Quick answer: When taking a selfie, it’s important to use natural lighting, remove unnecessary background details, and experiment.

Friends taking a selfie over pizza

1. Use bright, natural lighting.

If you’re taking a selfie indoors, make sure to take it while facing the light from a window.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of lighting when it comes to selfie composition. Bright indoor lighting can work well enough, as long as it’s not coming from harsh, fluorescent bulbs, but natural lighting is undoubtedly your best option. Stuck indoors? Take your selfie while facing the light from a window. If you’re outside, make sure to face the sun, otherwise the light appearing behind you will wash out the rest of the image and render your silhouette too dark to see.

2. Cut down on unnecessary background details.

In some cases, you may be taking a selfie because of the details in the background – a stunning outdoor landscape, for example – and that’s perfectly fine. But make sure the background contains only details you want in the picture, rather than unnecessary distractions. Indoor selfies are sometimes bogged down by a cluttered room, while outdoor selfies in crowded spaces may feature strangers in the background that attract more attention than the actual subject of the photo – you.

3. Experiment freely.

Every face is different, which means that your preferred selfie angle is unlikely to be the same as your friend’s. The solution? Lots of practice. Don’t be afraid to take a collection of selfies from a variety of angles to see which is your favorite.

Plus, you’ll have no problem finding a simple photo editing app on your app marketplace of choice. Minor adjustments of contrast, brightness, and other key compositional elements may prove beneficial, but don’t overdo it, because aggressive edits are often off-putting.

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