Why Smartphones Make Powerful Teaching Tools

We’re all for teaching with technology, and here’s why.

Today, kids are using smartphones for a lot more than just playing games and talking to their friends. They’re using them to learn. Smartphones can be incredible tools for students, teachers, and parents alike and can help foster continued success in the classroom. Here are just a few ways your Total Wireless phone plan can help your little one learn.

Apps encourage learning

There are hundreds of educational apps and games that make learning fun for all ages.

Smartphones are a wealth of information for kids. Not only can they use search engines to look up vocabulary words and science facts, but they can also download learning apps, too. There are thousands of educational apps and games that make learning fun for all ages. There are a variety of learning apps teaching kids everything from how to read and learn languages to atronomy and playing instruments. Students can even use their smartphone to watch YouTube tutorials for things like tough math problems. With so much information at their fingertips, smartphones can definitely support academic success.

Smartphones have helpful teaching tools

Aside from apps and the Internet, smartphones have a lot of tools that might come in handy while doing homework or studying. For example, you can set up a timer or use the stopwatch to test your child’s multiplication tables. Smartphones can be used to double check homework, record lectures at school, and more. Additionally, if your child is preparing to give a speech or presentation, it can be helpful to practice at home and playback the audio recording so they can get a better idea of where they might need to improve.

Whether your child is in the car, at school, or doing homework at the table, smartphones make access to education both easy and portable.

Total confidence with Total Wireless

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