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Unlocked Phone Guide: Bring Your Phone to Total Wireless

With an unlocked phone, it’s easy to move to a better wireless experience.

Thinking of breaking free from carrier control? An unlocked smartphone opens up the door for wireless freedom. Below, we delve into the wonderful world of unlocked phone...

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Easy Ways to Check and Improve Your Smartphone’s Speed

Have you noticed a slowdown in your phone’s performance? Here’s how to fix it.

If your phone seems to lag when switching from app to app, you may have found yourself asking, “How can I speed up my phone?” There are several factors that ca...

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When Should Kids Get Their First Smartphone?

Smartphones have many benefits, but there are some things to think about before giving your kid one.

Today, kids use smartphones for coordinating schedules, completing homework assignments, playing games, and staying in touch with friends and fam...

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Everything You Need To Know About Dual Cameras

Dual cameras are becoming the norm – what makes them so appealing?

If you have a new smartphone from Total Wireless, chances are it features a dual-camera system. But what is a dual camera? By now, this feature is widely available on many devic...

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Secure Web Browsing Tips For Smartphones

Learn what you can do to protect yourself when surfing the web on your phone.

When you’re browsing the web on your Total Wireless smartphone, you can feel good knowing that, for the most part, your information is protected. In 2019, web securit...

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The Top 3 Most Anticipated Smartphone Innovations Of 2019

2019 is expected to be a big year for smartphone technology. From 5G LTE connectivity to foldable designs, there’s a lot in store.

The New Year brings new possibilities, new adventures, and yes, new smartphone innovations. Top brands, like Appl...

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You Got This: 4 Tips For Making 2019 Your Year To Thrive

The New Year is just around the corner. Here’s how you can make the most of it.

With the New Year comes another opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and move on to bigger and better things. Not sure if you’re up to the challenge? Don...