Four Signs It's Definitely Time To Upgrade Your Smartphone

Not sure when you should upgrade your device? With Total Wireless here to help, you've got this.

“When should I upgrade my phone?”

It’s an age-old question, and there’s still no single right answer. That said, there are plenty of signs that your smartphone is nearing the end of its useful life. It's always hard to part with a device you love, but if you're seeing the signs below, it's most likely time for a phone upgrade.

Quick answer: Four signs you should upgrade your phone include poor battery performance, an outdated operating system, poor general performance, and lower prices for new phones.

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Bad battery life

Smartphones have come a long way. While battery life has been a commonly cited problem among owners around the world, the latest devices have batteries that can actually make it through a solid day’s use. When it comes to your old phone, that’s probably not the case. This is especially true after a few years of use, as the ability of a battery to carry a charge tends to deplete significantly over time.

Old operating system

Your phone’s operating system (OS) determines how everything on the phone is run. Most phones receive regular OS updates to help keep things working as they should. But over time, phones are phased out, so manufacturers can focus on newer technology. If you’re no longer receiving these updates, it might be time to grab a new device. Each update usually comes with a host of features, including performance changes, which can play a big role in your mobile experience.

Slow performance

A new phone will not only provide faster performance, but will have upgraded hardware designed to last even longer.

Just like batteries, your phone’s performance will likely decline over time. This is more noticeable with some phones than others. There’s a good chance that your device worked like a charm when it was brand-new, but after several years of use, it may struggle to keep up with demanding new software updates and simply deliver diminished operation. A new phone will not only provide faster performance, but will have upgraded hardware designed to last even longer.

Prices drop

New smartphones come out all the time, and prices can drop quickly – even on flagship models from brands like Apple and Samsung. This means that even if you're holding off on a phone upgrade, you can still find a device that meets your needs at a price you'll feel good about. Even better? Your investment will result in a more dependable phone that will keep you connected without worry.

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Take your pick

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