You Got This: 4 Tips For Making 2019 Your Year To Thrive

The New Year is just around the corner. Here’s how you can make the most of it.

With the New Year comes another opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and move on to bigger and better things. Not sure if you’re up to the challenge? Don’t worry – you got this. Here are 4 ways your smartphone can help you show your resolutions who’s boss.

Person sitting at desk with smartphone and writing on clipboard

Set your goals

Get a leg up on your New Year’s resolutions by using a goal tracking app.

Get a leg up on your New Year’s resolutions by using a goal tracking app to hold yourself accountable. Most of these apps are designed with simplicity in mind, allowing you to identify specific goals and then track your progress with calendars, graphs, and other helpful features. Search for terms like “habits” and “habit tracker” in your app store for apps that are especially useful if you’re looking to build or break certain habits.

Get productive

While setting and pursuing your New Year’s resolutions is a good start, staying on top of everyday tasks is just as important if you’re aiming to make 2019 your most productive year yet. That’s where to-do list apps enter the picture. Rather than scratching your essential errands down on a note pad, these apps let you list important tasks and assignments right on your smartphone, which you can then arrange by priority so you know exactly when everything needs to get done. Type “to do list” in the search of your phone’s app store to find some great ones.

Fix your finances

Spending less and saving more are common resolutions, but they’re not always easy to pull off. With a quality budgeting app, however, you should have no trouble creating a sound financial plan that will yield rewards in the long run. Try searching for “finance tracker” in the app store for apps that offer a comprehensive suite of features, you can check up on everything from your credit score to your account balances in one convenient location. Sounds simple, right? With apps like these on the nation’s largest most dependable 4G LTE network, you got this.

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