You Got This: Tackle Life’s Challenges With Help From A Mentor

Whether you’re dealing with personal troubles or struggling to adjust to a new job, inspiration can come from unexpected places.

Life is unpredictable, but it’s important to remember that there’s no need to face everyday challenges alone. Finding a mentor is a great way to stay grounded in the face of life’s trials, and modern technology – smartphones included – can make the search for a mentor simple. We’ll outline a few ways your go-to device can help you show your troubles who’s boss.

Women having coffee and talking outside

Find inspiration

Your smartphone’s app store offers a surprisingly large selection of inspirational resources. And while smartphone apps may not provide the guidance offered by a personal mentor, a few positive words can go a long way.

Looking for a little boost to help you face your day with a touch more confidence? Try a self-care app by searching for “self-care” or “motivation” in your smartphone’s app store. Some apps for example send research-backed advice in the form of easily digestible words of wisdom. While some let you request custom affirmations and even let you can record yourself reciting the words to promote positive thought.

Connect via video

Try reaching out to someone you trust to set up a regular video chat meeting.

There’s nothing quite like a few kind words from a friend or loved one, and your smartphone makes it easier than ever to keep connected with the people you rely on when life throws a curveball. Try reaching out to someone you trust to set up a regular video chat meeting. Even if they’re brief, these meetings can provide a valuable opportunity to vent your frustrations or talk through problems that might seem too tough to tackle alone.

Try therapeutic solutions

When friends and family are unavailable, you have other options. Search for “online therapy” in your device’s app store for apps that allow you to conduct confidential conversations with volunteers who are trained to listen. There are even apps designed to connect users with licensed therapists who can help with everything from anxiety and depression to job-related stress.

You got this

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